1 July 2013

Arizona Radio Observatory Call for Proposals

The Arizona Radio Observatory (ARO) solicits proposals for the 10-meter Submillimeter Telescope (SMT) located on Mount Graham, Arizona, for the period 1 October 2013 to 31 January 2014.

The SMT currently supports a dual-polarization, 1-mm receiver (215-280 GHz) with ALMA Band 6 sideband-separating (SBS) mixers, a dual-polarization 0.8-mm (320-370 GHz) receiver, and a 0.4-mm (602-720 GHz) dual-polarization receiver with ALMA Band 9 mixers. A new 0.6-mm (420-500 GHz) dual-polarization receiver incorporating sideband-separating mixers will be available as well. The SMT control system supports both dual-polarization (“2 IF mode”) and dual-polarization, dual-sideband observations ("4 IF mode"), as well as OTF mapping. Remote observing is available. Observers who plan to observe remotely must supply fixed IP address(es) of the computer(s) that will be used during observing on the cover sheet of the proposal. Graduate-student participation is especially encouraged.

Proposers should consult the ARO website for technical specifications and to download updated proposal templates. Proposers are required to list on the cover sheet their requested observing blocks (LST ranges), dates on which they are not available to observe, and dates in which sources in those observing blocks are within the Sun-avoidance zone (44 degrees at the SMT).

The final proposal PDF file should be emailed to Marty Benson (benson@email.arizona.edu) by midnight PDT on 1 September 2013.