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The AAS Education Committee would like to welcome you to our blog, launched in February 2021. Thanks to so many of you in the astronomy education community, there are many materials, programs, resources, and discussion forums for teaching and learning astronomy. Our goal is to create a “value-added” way to highlight education-related activities supported by the AAS and others that may be of interest to AAS members. Blog posts include deeper dives into topics of interest and connect readers with additional resources.

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Learn How to Peer Review at AAS 243

15 Nov 2023
If you’d like to feel more confident the next time you’re asked by an editor to peer review a paper, consider applying to attend the upcoming AAS Peer Review Training Workshop in New Orleans.

Sonification: Listening to Data

19 Sep 2023
In this Education Committee blog, guest author Jennifer Kotlin tells how we can make the astronomy field more accessible with sonification — the process of representing data as sound.

"The Universe in the Classroom" Newsletter Archives

6 Sep 2023
Guest author Andrew Fraknoi writes about "The Universe in the Classroom," an astronomy education newsletter published by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. The first 95 issues of the newsletter are now available...

NASA Community College Network

21 Aug 2023
Guest author Pamela Harman writes about the SETI Institute’s NASA Community College Network, which strives to increase the engagement of community college astronomy instructors and learners with NASA resources, content...