19 June 2013

What Are the Cosmic Origins Program’s Technology Needs?

A key product of the NASA Astrophysics Cosmic Origins (COR) program’s technology-management process is our Program Annual Technology Report (PATR). The PATR describes the program’s technology-management activities and technology-development progress over the past year. The PATR also defines the program's technology needs and their priorities for investment consideration during the upcoming year.

You are encouraged to read the 2012 COR PATR, to learn about our technology-development projects and their progress and our technology needs. In this report, the program technology needs that were submitted by the community are prioritized using criteria (described in the report) that reflect the goals of the COR program. As future calls for technology development for the program are drafted and investment decisions are made, the priorities established in the PATR are referenced. The prioritization process begins with your input regarding the technologies that you feel are needed to enable or enhance future COR missions. The Cosmic Origins Program Analysis Group (COPAG) is the main conduit for collecting technology needs identified by anyone in the community. These inputs can also be provided directly to the program by downloading and submitting the “Technology Needs Form."

We look forward to receiving your technology needs input, which is due at the end of June each year. The annual prioritization process begins in July, and we will release the next PATR in October 2013. Your insights and suggestions are important to us! Whether you develop cutting-edge technology or use that technology to expand our understanding of the universe, we encourage you to read the PATR and tell us what you think. This is your opportunity to take an active role in shaping the future of COR science. Feel free to comment on the technology needs prioritization process, and please help us identify technology needs to prioritize. Your technology needs inputs are due by 30 June 2013. If you have any questions, please contact me at thai.pham@nasa.gov.