13 February 2024

243rd AAS Meeting Photos Online

Crystal Tinch American Astronomical Society (AAS)

Our photo gallery from the 243rd AAS meeting, held 7-11 January, is now online at photos.aas.org. If you attended the meeting — or even if you missed it — you'll enjoy perusing the hundreds of fine images shot for the AAS by our photographers Todd Buchanan and Phil McCarten from Corporate Event Images.

243rd AAS Meeting Photos Online
Photos by © 2024 Corporate Event Images.

View the whole collection by exploring the main folders, each of which contains multiple galleries.

If you see a photo you like and want to grab it for your website or other personal use, that’s fine — just click on it, then chose the download arrow in the left menu. Please remember to give proper credit for any AAS photos you use.

We welcome comments on, and suggestions for, our online photo gallery; please send them by email to Crystal Tinch.

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