6 October 2023

#AAS243: New Social Offset Opportunities

SocialOffset logoThe AAS has partnered with SocialOffset to offer AAS 243 meeting attendees the opportunity to contribute to local organizations in New Orleans that make a positive difference in people’s lives and the local community.

We invite you to use this campaign to take meaningful action and offset any internal conflict you may have about tax spending in New Orleans, Louisiana, that doesn’t align with your values by supporting local charities that do. 

What Is SocialOffset
SocialOffset is a nonprofit organization created to provide event organizers and their attendees with an option other than boycotting a destination where local legislation and laws are not in alignment with their individual values. The “offset” is realized when an attendee elects to donate to a recommended and vetted list of local charities and organizations that support those impacted by local laws that may be against the attendee’s personal values.

How It Works
Once an event organizer or a destination partners with SocialOffset to host their offsetting campaign, 100% of the funds donated by meeting attendees are donated to one or more vetted, local nonprofits that deliver programs, services, and advocacy for racial justice, LGBTQ+ equality, hunger relief, housing security, environmental sustainability, and reproductive freedom.

How the AAS Partnered with SocialOffset
SocialOffset presented this tool to the AAS Board of Trustees during the 242nd AAS meeting in Albuquerque in June. The Board voted to partner with SocialOffset for AAS 243 in New Orleans, and AAS Executive Officer Kevin Marvel worked with SocialOffset and initiated the campaign. The Board also worked with the SocialOffset team to select a variety of local charities representing different values that meeting attendees could choose to donate to: House of Tulip (LGBTQ+ equality), Families and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children (racial justice), Planned Parenthood New Orleans Health Center (reproductive freedom), New Orleans Women & Children’s Shelter (housing security), and Groundwork New Orleans (environmental sustainability).

Support What’s Important to You
Help local New Orleans organizations by donating today! All donations go directly to identified vetted charities. Visit the AAS 243 SocialOffset campaign to make your donation.

Select a local charity that is aligned with your values