29 April 2013

Reminder: AAS 2014 Prize Nominations Are Due 30 June

George Benedict

The AAS needs your help in getting due recognition for our most outstanding colleagues. Nominations and letters of support for the AAS prizes for 2014 must arrive in the Secretary's office by 30 June 2013 — that's this coming Sunday! Members may obtain the prize nomination instructions online at http://aas.org/grants-and-prizes/prize-nominations.

Submissions are welcome electronically (http://aas.org/about/grants-and-prizes/prize-nomination-form) or by mail (G. F. Benedict, McDonald Observatory, 1 University Station, Austin, TX 78712). Shortly after that date they are distributed to the several prize committees. Consequently late submissions cannot be accommodated.

In recent years the AAS prize committees have noted the small slates of worthy candidates from whom they may choose. This particularly applies to the junior prizes. To address this dwindling number of nominations your Council approved a change to the rules for the Warner and Pierce Prizes. For these prizes ONLY self-nominations are allowed, with a nomination package consisting of a CV, publication list, and three letters of support. The Warner and Pierce Prize committee will be blind regarding self-nominations versus outside nominations. Please note: letters of support for the Warner and Pierce Prizes MUST NOT include the language that the letter author is nominating the person.

Bear in mind that it is not only the monetary amount but also the honor and distinction that can mean so much to a young astronomer’s career. The award of a prize also adds luster to her/his department or institution in the eyes of the academic community.

Please address any questions regarding prizes to the AAS Secretary (aassec@aas.org).