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1. "Math Gender Gap Doesn't Add Up "
2. CSWP EVENTS: Receptions, March and April 2002
3. Observatory Supervisor/Instructor position at Williams College
4. How to submit to, subscribe to, or unsubscribe to AASWOMEN

1. "Technically Speaking" Available from National Academies
2. Speakers Sought for AAPT Summer Meeting
3. APS/IBM Research Internship for Undergraduate Women
4. Positions at Kapteyn Institute
5. Observatory Supervisor/Instructor position at Williams College

1. Special Reception in honor of Maria Goeppert Mayer Award at March APS Meeting
2. Concern expressed about the research environment at the Smithsonian Institution
3. REU opportunity at Indiana University at Bloomington
4. Job Posting at the Synchrtron Radiation Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison
5. Observatory Supervisor/Instructor position at Williams College

1. Networking Breakfasts in APS Annual Meetings
2. Intern: APS Office of Public Affairs/Public Information, Washington, DC
3. How to contact the Gay/Lesbian/Bi-sexual/Transgendered/Queer Astronomers group
4. Tenure-track faculty position(s) at the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland
5. How to submit, subscribe, or unsubscribe to AASWOMEN

1. (Washington Area) WiA meeting features Dr. Ed Weiler, Assoc. Admin of NASA OSS
2. New report on increasing diversity in science/technical workforce
3. CHE article on lower tenure rates for women with children
4. Family issues the focus of June 2002 STATUS

1. Warner prize update
2. Limited access to CHE articles (unfortunately)
3. Comment on last week's CHE article on how having children affects women's careers
4. New CHE article on "Strategies for Raising the Number of Women Scientists in Academe"
5. CHE article on equity pay raises given to University of Wisconsin women faculty

1. Correction to last week's Warner prize notice
2. An open letter to Dr. Neal Evans about the Warner prize rule change
3. Deadline extended for NASA Summer School for High-Performance Computing
4. Research Funding Opportunity in Astronomy
5. Two interesting articles in the NY Times
6. Response to Kristy Dyer's comments in the AASWOMEN Newsletter of 02/22/02
7. Fellowships for Threatened Scholars, Inst. Of International Education
8. Vera Rubin in the local news
9. A Plea for Inclusion
10. Job position as the Associate Director for SOFIA Education and Public Outreach (E/PO)

1. Assistance Sought For Telementor Project
2. Undergraduate Summer Research Experience in Beijing
3. Management Problems of the Technical Person in a Leadership Role
4. Career & Professional Development Liaison (CPDL) Workshop
5. Education and Public Outreach Specialist - Astrophysics/Space Science at the University of California/Berkeley
6. How to submit to, subscribe to, or unsubscribe to AASWOMEN

1. Call for nominations for the first Katherine Weimer Award
2. Maria Mitchell Women in Science Award
3. Racism and gender bias in the UK
4. Physics World: special issue on Women in Physics
5. Physics World cover story: women in physics -- A commentary
6. NASA Partnership to benefit women in science and technology
7. Request for information on astronomy misconceptions or gender differences
8. theWoman Astronomer
9. Small physics department to close?
10. New from AAAS, "Roadmaps & Rampways"

1. MIT completes studies on status of women faculty
2. Impressions from the IUPAP Meeting on Women in Physics in Paris
3. Special advertising supplement on women's careers in Science, 03/15/02
4. Reception and Networking Breakfast Planned by CSWP
5. Sally Ride Launches "Imaginary Lines" to Attract Middle-School Girls
6. Observational cosmology position at Ohio State University

1. NASA Ames celebrates Women's History Month
2. Faculty Diversity: "Too Little for Too Long", Harvard Magazine
3. Tufts Web Site Encourages Females to Study Engineering
4. CSWA website updates!
5. MIT Completes Ground-breaking Studies on Status of Women Faculty
6. Complementary earlier article to item #5 in MIT news about the President's Workshop on Gender Equity
7. Chronicle for Higher Education article addressing the MIT Study of item #5
8. Associate Editor position at Astronomy Magazine

1. MIT completes ground-breaking studies
2. Time article and more discussion of the impact of career on raising a family.
3. Three articles on tenure and women in academia
4. Articles on women in Physics World
5. France Cordova named Chancellor of UC Riverside
6. End of the print version of theWoman Astronomer
7. Former astronomers -- networking, anyone?
8. Request for quotes by women scientists
9. U.S. IUPAP Delegation ready to speak at your institution
10. Activities at the Upcoming HEAD/APS meeting in Albuquerque, April 20-13
11. Women in Science Forum at Towson University
12. Director Sought for new Women's Center at Case Western Reserve University

1. Careers vs. babies, part 2
2. Article profiles Megan Donahue, STScI astronomer
3. U.S. Delegation's report on IUPAP Conference on Women in Physics now available, and IUPAP Discussion at June AAS meeting (and April APS/HEAD meeting)
4. Letter from Sally Ride on science festival for girls
5. Women in Aerospace Space Policy Forum
6. Author seeks personal narratives from academics who have combined work and family
7. Job in Theoretical Physics, Argonne National Laboratory, Physics Division

1. More information on fertility
2. And further information on fertility and adoption
3. A British take on Sylvia Hewlett's book about babies vs. careers
4. More on "childless" women
5. A report on the situation of women researchers in France (in French)
6. Article on physicist Joan Feynman
7. Faculty Position in Theoretical High-Energy Physics, University of Connecticut (Storrs)
8. Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of Psychology, Hunter College

1. Another take on the controversy caused by Sylvia Hewlett's book
2. A report from a successful mother despite her "advanced maternal age"
3. Science and Technology Policy Internship Announcement
4. ENews for Working Women Launched by US Dept of Labor
5. Call for Papers for the SSGRR-2002S (Summer) conference on "Infrastructure for e-Business, e-Education, e-Science, and e-Medicine"
6. SKA Program Leader Job Ad

1. Fertility statistics
2. Book recommendation for those interested in the discussion based on Sylvia Hewlett's book
3. Roommate needed for June AAS meeting
4. Maria Goeppert-Mayer Award deadline
5. Send a message to WIPHYS
6. Position available - Director of International Square Kilometre Array project
7. Two astronomer positions at the U.S. Naval Observatory
8. Associate Division Director - X-Ray Research-SRI-CAT Director, Argonne National Lab

1. Practical advice on family planning
2. The Tending Instinct, by Shelley Taylor
3. Editorial in this week's Science (May 17)
4. Tenure Track Position in Physics Education at UTEP

1. "Women, and Some Men, Ask Why Women Don't Flock to Physics," PhysicsToday, May 2002, article about IUPAP conference
2. Global Women's Rights Treaty Gets Second Wind
3. International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists, Ottawa, Canada, July 27-31, 2002
4. Hispanic women in astronomy
5. Applications Sought for Latin American Lecture Series on Women
6. Advertisement for book on diversity statistics from the Business Women's Network
7. Women's International Science Collaboration Program
8. Fellowships, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University
9. Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory (Florence) on Supermassive Black Holes in Galactic Nuclei
10. Postdoctoral position in Gender Issues in the Sciences (Psychology Dept.) at Hunter College
11. Physics Faculty Position in Physics Education at The Ohio State University
12. Tenure-Track Asst. Prof. of Physics at University of Nebraska, Omaha

1. Why science/math majors "leave" the field
2. Web resources for girls interested in astronomy/space
3. "The Helsinki Group on Women and Science": European Union report documents discrimination against women in the sciences
4. Statistics book on women and minorities from the Business Women's Network
5. Book on "Tend and Befriend" instinct (cf. "Fight or Flight")
6. Practical advice on family planning (further discussion on careers and families, started in April 12, 2002 issue of AASWOMEN)
7. Nominations needed for two awards for women in physics

1. More web resources for girls
2. STATUS looking for new editor(s)
3. NextWave, an online magazine on science careers
4. NRAO/ESO vacancies for ALMA key personnel: ALMA Director, ALMA Project Manager, ALMA Project Scientist, ALMA Project Engineer
5. Vacancy for Chief, Laboratory for Astronomy and Solar Physics, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

1. Updates to Committee on the Status of Minorities in Astronomy (CSMA) Website
2. "Girls' Higher Grades Come with Emotional Price Tag"
3. Washington Post Article on men falling behind (06/25/02)
4. Marie-Helene Ulrich: thoughts about the status of women
5. Expanding Your Horizons Survey
6. 100 Minority Scholarships
7. AAUW Fellowships
8. Ohio State University Dean of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

1. NYTimes.com Article: 'Collegiality' as a Tenure Battleground
2. Success and kids: a data point for Marie-Helene Ulrich
3. "Women Physicists Speak" Report on IUPAP Available from AIP
4. Response to July 11 Posting (AAUW Fellowships)
6. A opinion on the "Science" editorial by Shelia Tobias, Meg Urry, and Aparna Venkatesan with some relevant references
7. New Report from AAAS
8. The Women and Science Unit, European Commission
9. New Publication: "Physics in Your Future" for young women
10. AIP/APS Science Fellowship Programs
11. Dean, College of Mathematical & Physical Sciences, The Ohio State University

8/9 - 9/6/02
1. New AASWOMEN newsletter editor
2. Seeking room mate for DPS 2002
3. Success and kids: Is the impact of adoption equivalent to giving birth?
4. Study: Women's Attitudes Can Influence Drop-Out Rates
5. Book: Rosalind Franklin
6. MentorNET Seeks E-Mentors
7. Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Conference, November 14-15
8. 40th Anniversary of the publication of "The Feminine Mystique" by Betty Friedan
9. UK Delegation Publishes Report on IUPAP Conference
10. Job Posting for Director, National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center, Cornell University
11. More AAUW Fellowships and Grants for Dissertation or Postdoc Research
12. Postdoctoral positions at Princeton University, astrophysics
13. Tenure Track, Asst. Professor, Physics Dept., Simon Fraser University
14. Tenure-Track Faculty Position, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Colgate University
15. US Navy, San Diego, Vacancies Website

1. Another view of the impact of giving birth
2. Friends of CSWP
3. "Polite Women Find it Tough in Physics"
4. Hoffleit query - a request for help from those who were summer students with Dorrit Hoffleit
5. Stories solicited for Notes from a Life
6. Return-to-Science Scheme for Mums in UK
7. Item about girls and AAUW
8. Clare Boothe Luce Assist. Professorship of Physics, College of Wooster, Ohio
9. Air Force Institute of Technology, tenure track faculty positions in applied physics
10. Faculty Positions in Physics, Penn State, University Park Campus

1. Three other views of the impact of pregnancy on a woman's career
2. BEST To Present First Progress Report, Sept. 26, Washington, DC
3. Interesting letters in September Physics Today
4. A Responsibility to Awe by Rebecca Elson
5. Response to: Stories solicited for Notes from a Life
6. Tomassoni Awards for Outstanding Achievements in Physics
7. Call for Mentors
8. Address Changes for CSWP Gazette
9. Tenure-track faculty position in experimental physics at Franklin and Marshall College
10. Faculty position at Ohio State University
11. Tenure Track Position in Physics, California State University, Chico
12. Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Cosmological Physics at The University of Chicago

1. Martha Nussbaum article in Chicago Tribune
2. Patsy Mink
3. Title IX Congressional Hearings
4. BEST (Building Engineering and Science Talent)
5. How to submit to, subscribe to, or unsubscribe to AASWOMEN
6. Postdoctoral Research Associate, Gravitational Wave Detection, Syracuse
7. Tenure-track position in Solar Physics at Rice University
8. Head of Dept. of Physics & Astronomy at Western Kentucky University

1. Sigma Xi Forum: Changing the Face of Science and Engineering
2. Increasing Diversity in the Science, Engineering and Technology Workforce
3. Dorrit Hoffleit Web page: please contribute by the end of the month!
4. Comment on Nussbaum article
5. APS Booklet: Physics Careers for Women
6. Annie J. Cannon Award: Call for Nominees
7. Postdoctoral Research Assoc., Gravity/Cosmology Group, Syracuse Univ.
8. SKA Research & Development Research Fellowships, Swinburne Univ., Australia
9. Vassar College Sabbatical Physics Position
10. Junior Faculty Position at Barnard College

1. The female Mercury astronauts
2. John Stuart Mill's "On the Subjection of Women"
3. New Listserv - Friends of CSWP
4. MentorNET Seeks Volunteers
5. Article on Title IX-type ruling
6. APS CSWP "Speaker's Bureau"
7. Tenure track position at Northern Arizona University

1. The cost of Introductory Astronomy text books
2. Obituary for Dianne Prinz
3. Postgrduate Scholarships at the Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics, The Australian National University
4. Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics, Vanderbilt University
5. Chair, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Vanderbilt University
6. Instructor in Physics , Vanderbilt University

11/1 & 11/8/02
1. Re: expensive introductory textbooks
2. Book reviewer sought
3. Postdoctoral position in Galactic Dynamics at Wesleyan University
4. Five College Women's Studies Research Center
5. Two faculty positions in astronomy/astrophysics at Iowa State Univ.
6. Faculty positions, Physics Dept., Purdue University
7. Asst. Prof. of Astronomy, San Francisco State University
8. Asst. Prof., Theoretical Astro-particle Physics, SUNY Buffalo
9. Asst. Prof. in Theoretical Cosmology, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, UNC-Chapel Hill

1. Two additional opinions on expensive introductory textbooks
2. Conference on globular clusters announcement
3. Theory postdoc positions at Northwestern University
4. Closing date extended -- Continuing Fellow/Senior Fellow position in Astronomy at RSAA/ANU

1. Further discussion on expensive introductory textbooks
2. Conference on Re-Searching Research Agendas: Women, Research and Publication in Higher Education, Western Australia
3. Review of the Status of Women at STScI
4. Author of "Brilliant Stars: the Women of Space Exploration" seeks your input
5. Head, Department of Physics and Astronomy at Western Kentucky University
6. Assistant Professor Position in Astrophysics - University of Colorado at Boulder
7. Tenure-track position at the Rochester Institute of Technology
8. Physics/Engineering Faculty Position, College of DuPage

1. Report on Women & Girls in Science, Engineering, & Technology
2. Grants for Gender Equity in Science
3. APS Mass Media Fellowships for Summer 2003
4. Postdoctoral Positions in Theoretical Astophysics, Northwestern University
5. Postdoctoral/Research Fellowships at the Australian National University
6. Faculty positions at St. Cloud State University
7. Faculty post in Dept. of Physics at Smith College

1. Events at March and April APS Meetings in Austin & Philadelphia
2. Lecturer and Public Outreach Coordinator, NW Univ. & Adler Planetarium
3. Rosalind Franklin Tenure-track Fellowships at Univ. of Groningen, NL
4. How to submit to, subscribe to, or unsubscribe to AASWOMEN

1. Proposed Letter to Education Secretary Rodney Paige
2. Article on a NASA scientist's view of why some women quit science careers
3. Found in a toy store
4. AAS Second Century Public Lecture Series
5. AAAS Public Policy Opportunities
6. National Academy News: Shirley M. Malcom to Recieve Public Welfare Medal
7. The 3rd National Postdoc Network Meeting, Berkeley, CA
8. Rochester's Research Experience for Undergraduates Program
9. New Biography of Rosalind Franklin

12/20 & 12/27/02
1. Responses to Proposed Letter to Education Secretary Rodney Paige
2. "Do Babies Matter?" article
3. Women's International Science Collaboration Program
4. CSWP Plans Events at APS March Meeting, Including Networking Breakfast
5. The 2003 National Young Astronomer Award
6. AAUW seeks selection panel members
7. APS/IBM Research Internship for Undergraduate Women
8. Laboratory Instructor, Dept. of Physics, Smith College
9. NSF position as Program Director of Education and Special Programs in the Astronomy Division
10. Tenure-track positions at The United States Naval Academy
11. Director, Institute for Physical Science and Technology, University of Maryland

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