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About This Web Site:

This database, produced by the American Astronomical Society's Committee on the Status of Women, lists the names, professional affiliations, scientific interests, talk titles and contact information for women in astronomy and astrophysics. As of March 2002, this database replaces the earlier Women in Astronomy database. New submissions are welcome and strongly encouraged .
The Women in Astronomy list can be used to:
  • find speakers for colloquia, scientific meetings, or school visits
  • solicit job applicants
  • sort by education, expertise, research interests, etc. for statistical or search purposes

The information contained on this list was submitted by each person listed using the CSWA Submission Form (internal to the database). Users of this list should make their own contacts with individuals contained herein. For speaking engagements, arrangements and provisions should be made directly between your institution and the desired speaker, not through the CSWA. The CSWA discourages use of this list for bulk e-mail postings.

Adding Yourself to the Database:

To provide for easy and timely updates, this new database requires a username and password for access. To add yourself to the database, click the register button on the login page. You'll be asked to pick a username and password. You must include an email address for validation purposes; this address does NOT automatically appear in the database. Once you are registered, you may login to the database. Click on the add button to add your entry. If the pull-down menus are missing options that apply to you, you can leave those fields blank. Then just edit your posted entry to include whatever information you want. Once your entry is posted you may modify it or delete it at any time. Please use these options rather than adding multiple entries for changes. If you forget your username or password, please email the CSWA webmaster!

Guest Access for Searches:

A guest account has been set-up to allow non-users to search the database. To enter as a guest, type guest as the username and WIAD as the password for login. You will have full search capability, but will be unable to add new or modify existing entries.

Search Capabilities:

The new format of the database allows you to sort on any field in the database and also to search for keywords. This should allow for customized searches. To view multiple entries for comparison, it is usually best to sort by last name (alphabetical) and to have the view set to columns, rather than rows. These are the default settings.

Browser Compatibility Issues:

The database has a known incompatibility with versions of Netscape older than 4.6 and possibly Internet Explorer older than 5.1. If you are using an older version of these browsers, it is recommended that you upgrade to a more current version.

Web Site Heritage:

The original CSWA Women in Astronomy Database (archival version) was created by Lisa Frattare with editorial help from Kathryn Mead, Meg Urry and Debra Elmegreen. The original CSWA AAS web site was created by Kathryn Mead (kmead@earthlink.net).

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Please report any problems, questions and concerns to the CSWA webmaster