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Status is the CSWA's semiannual publication, formerly printed but now electronic only. The January 2011 issue was the last one to be printed. Status consists of original and reprinted articles on topics relating to women in astronomy, in science and/or in society. Contributions, such as editorial columns, factual articles, personal stories and letters to the editor are welcome from anyone. See below for contribution guidelines.

New issues of Status are announced to AAS members in the AAS News Digest, which is issued every two weeks. If you are a AAS member and not receiving the AAS News Digest emails, you may correct this problem by contacting Crystal Tinch in the AAS Executive Office.

Subscribers to the CSWA's weekly newsletter, AASWomen, are also notified of each new issue. For instructions on subscribing to AASWomen and to see back issues, visit this link.

A searchable list of tables of contents and both PDF and (2009 and earlier) HTML versions of back issues can be found here.
Current and Past Issues (PDF files)
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January 2016: PDF, 10.3 MB   PDF, 762 KB (image quality may be lower) June 2016 - no issue
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January 2014: PDF, 1.7 MB; outdated web links fixed 2017 June 19 June 2014: PDF, 3.11 MB
January 2013: PDF, 250 KB June 2013: PDF, 1.8 MB           
January 2012: PDF, 1.4 MB June 2012: PDF, 408 KB
January 2011: full size, (2.6 MB) - reduced size (777 KB) July 2011 (1.1 MB)
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January 2002 - corrected June 2002 - corrected
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January 1995 June 1995
January 1994 June 1994 -  no issue
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Guidelines for Contributions to Status

Contributions to Status are welcome! Previous issues will give you ideas of the type of articles we publish - biographies of women astronomers, articles on women in science (not just astronomy), opinion pieces, policy issues, advice to young scientists, book reviews, "snippets," artwork and, last but not least, Notes from a Life - a short piece describing an incident (preferably with some lesson learnt) in the writer's life (published anonymously). We try to include as much original material as possible, but if you see a good article that you think the Status readership may have missed, please suggest it to the Editor.

Submitted material may be edited for conciseness, clarity, and correctness of expression, subject to the author’s review before publication.

Deadlines: initial submissions are due April 15 and November 15 for the June and January issues, respectively. Contact the Editor for more information.