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Past AAS Meetings and Other Meetings

The CSWA hosts and co-hosts special topical sessions at many AAS meetings. Below you will find presentations and Q&A session summaries that have been provided to us for posting.

Past AAS Meeting Presentations (PDF and/or PPT)
January 2015: Seattle, WA Special Session 209, "What Have We Learned from the NSF ADVANCE Program and What’s Next?"
January 2014: Washington, DC Town hall, "CSWA Demographics Survey 2013." Slides from presentation by A. Meredith Hughes (PDF, 1.0 MB)
June 2013: Indianapolis, IN Town hall, "Unconscious Bias, Stereotype Threat, and Imposter Syndrome." Slides from presentation by CSWA chair Joan Schmelz (PDF, 987 KB)
January 2013: Long Beach, CA Special session, "Family Leave Policies and Childcare for Graduate Students and Postdocs." Listing, with abstracts, from full meeting program (PDF, 223 KB)
June 2012: Anchorage, AK Town hall, "Introduction to Astronomical Bullying" by Joan Schmelz (slide show, PDF, 1.8 MB) Listing, with abstract, in full meeting program
January 2012: Austin, TX Special session, "Increasing Diversity in Your Department," cosponsored with the Committee on the Status of Minorities in Astronomy and the Working Group on LGBTIQ Equality (WGLE). Listing in full meeting program
May 2011: Boston, MA Panel discussion, "Transforming Cultural Norms: Mentoring/ Networking Groups for Women and Minorities," cosponsored with the Committee on the Status of Minorities in Astronomy
January 2011: Seattle, WA Plenary lecture by Abigail Stewart (U. Mich.), "Addressing Unconscious Bias: Steps toward an Inclusive Scientific Culture" (PowerPoint, 680 KB)

CSWA Town Hall: What Can Men Do to Help Women Succeed in Astronomy? (PowerPoint, 80 KB)

Special session co-sponsored by CSWA and the AAS Committee on the Status of Minorities in Astronomy, Strategies for Addressing Harassment and Prejudice: Presentation by Sheryl Bruff and Bernice Durand, "Building Respect and Inclusion in Astronomy: Strategies for Addressing and Overcoming Harassment"

May 2010: Miami, FL Special Session on Addressing Unconscious Bias

CSWA Town Hall: Designing a 21st Century Astronomy Career Track

January 2010: Washington, DC Special Session on Mentoring

Longitudinal Study of Astronomy Grad Students

May 2007: Honolulu, HI Women in Solar Physics and Harassment Issues

Jan. 2007: Seattle, WA CSWA Longitudinal Study and Maternity Leave Discussion

June 2006: Calgary, Canada Women in Astronomy in Canada and their Science

January 2006: Washington, DC AIP Statistics and the Second IUPAP Conference

May 2005: Minneapolis Institutional and Individual Solutions to the Two-Body Problem

January 2004: Atlanta Family Issues and Workforce Statistics

Links to Other Past (Non-AAS) Meetings
March 2002: Paris, France 1st IUPAP International Conference on Women in Physics
- Resolutions
- Recommendations
July 2003: Sydney, Australia 1st IAU Women in Astronomy
May 2005: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2nd IUPAP International Conference on Women in Physics
August 2006: Prague, Czech Republic 2nd IAU Women in Astronomy

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