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Friday Program - June 27, 2003

8:30 Baxter Hall, Ramo Auditorium

Welcome - Meg Urry, Wal Sargent

9:00 SESSION 1: Demographics

Summary of the data and trends, update from AAS, NSF, AIP and related studies Kevin Marvel, AAS Deputy Executive Officer
Rachel Ivie, AIP Statistics group

10:00-10:30 Break

10:30 SESSION 2: Stemming the Leaks in the Pipeline

- at what stages do women leave science / astronomy and why?
- what works?
- where can we be effective?
- lessons from sociological studies (gender bias experiments)
- lessons from experience in other fields
Elaine Seymour, U of Colorado
Sheila Tobias, Research Corp.

12:00-1:30 Lunch - Avery Center and local restaurants

1:30 SESSION 3: Why so Slow?

Virginia Valian, Hunter College

2:30 SESSION 4: Panel Discussion - Institutional Studies/Solutions

Panel members are invited to consider the following questions as talking points for the discussion:
- What processes have your institution followed to assess the status/environment for women?
- What were the outcomes of these processes?
- What are the lessons that you learned?
- What recommendations would you make to other institutions?
- What actions by outside bodies (e.g. federal funding agencies, professional societies, etc) would help your organization enhance the status of /environment for women at your institution?
- What recommendations would you like to see coming from this meeting?
- What future activities are your institution considering to address issues for women in astronomy?
- How does your institution plan to sustain attention to this issue?
AURA (Mike Shull)
NCAR (Michael Knoelker)
Caltech (Anneila Sargent)
STScI study panel (Andrea Dupree)
UCLA (Margaret Kivelson)
JPL (Charles Elachi)
Wisconsin (Bernice Durand)

4:00 SESSION 5: Working Groups - Changing the System

Issues will be addressed in working groups, to result in Action Items / Recommendations for institutions (AAS, NSF, NASA), as well as the broader astronomy community. (We anticipate some of the invited speakers to also be involved in these working group sessions).
- Family issues: how can the apparent conflict between work and family be eliminated?
- Business vs. academia: lessons from outside the university
- Changing the culture on campus: making women welcome and valued
- Seizing the day: how women can level their own playing field?
- Small and women's colleges: What are their special roles/issues?
Baxter Hall - Breakout Rooms (North Entrance)

6:00 Hosted Bar - Avery Center

7:00 Banquet - Avery Center

After Dinner Speaker - Susan Estrich, USC