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All presentations and posters will be available in the final meeting proceedings. This page offers a preview of the materials available online before the proceedings are available.

Invited Speakers

Kevin Marvel

AAS Statistics

Elaine Seymour

Attracting and Retaining Women in IT

Sheila Tobias

Why So Slow?

Virginia Valian

The Gender Equity Project

Keivan Stassun

The AAS Committee on the Status of Minorities

Sonia Ortega

NSF Diversity Programs

Donna Nelson

The Nelson Diversity Surveys

Denice Denton

The Washington ADVANCE Project

Debra Rolison

May 2003 APS article (Applying Title IX to STEM)

Charlotte Fishman

When to Take Legal Action

Contributed Posters

Jennifer Hoffman

Results from the 2003 CSWA Survey

Laura Lopez

The Status of Women and Minorities in Physics at MIT

Young Women's Leadership Charter School of Chicago

Luisa Rebull

The Status of Women at IPAC

Amy Simon-Miller

The New Women in Astronomy Database

Meeting Summaries

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