CSWA Meetings at the May 2007 meeting of the AAS, Honolulu, HI

The CSWA sponsored two separate events at this meeting: one on the Women of Solar Physics, and the other session concerned sexual harassment issues. The talks from both events are given below:

Women of Solar Physics
Andrea Dupree Women of the Solar Physics Division [pdf]
Shadia Habbal Following the Trail of Heavy Ions through the Solar Corona and into the Solar Wind [pdf]
Janet Luhmann A Solar Cycle Prediction Puzzle's Possible Explanation? [pdf]
Sarbani Basu Are Inputs to Standard Solar Models Correct? [pdf] [ppt]

Sexual Harassment Issues
Pat Knezek CSWA Announcements and Harrassment Session Slides [pdf] [ppt]
American Geophysical Union - Harassment Policy [pdf]
American Physical Society - Policy on Equal Professional Opportunity [pdf]